Centralized risk intelligence for screening suppliers

We sourced the industry’s best third-party risk intelligence data covering the most essential domains. Then, we centralized it to one location so you can access quick risk profiles to make informed decisions on your suppliers or vendors.

Venmonitor™ brings third-party risk intelligence together for you.  

Venmonitor gives you the ability to leverage the industry's most reputable third-party risk intelligence from multiple domains so you can avoid engaging with suppliers or vendors showing poor hygiene or take steps to remediate those already contracted. 

No other subscriptions to third-party risk intelligence providers needed, so it's easy to get started today!

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How Venmonitor™ Works

Consolidating risk intelligence across essential domains to effectively screen suppliers

The initial stage involves Venmonitor distilling massive volumes of third-party risk intelligence into valuable insights. Instead of dealing with numerous contracts and trying to make sense of fragmented data streams, you are provided with a comprehensive risk profile on your supplier or vendor in one user-friendly platform. 

Automated supplier risk ratings and profiles based on cross-domain risk intelligence

Once all the required external risk intelligence is gathered, Venmonitor™ employs its advanced weighting system to produce detailed risk ratings and profiles. This groundbreaking approach thoroughly evaluates and assigns ratings to each domain individually, before combining the results to provide a comprehensive assessment of a supplier's overall risk profile.

Seamless flow

With Venmonitor™, you gain the advantage of a single subscription model that covers multiple domains. The most remarkable aspect is that there is no requirement for supplier input since we depend on external data from our trusted sources.

Peace of mind delivered

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive report that delivers risk intelligence, risk ratings, and profiles in a user-friendly format accessible through a convenient dashboard. Easily stay informed with email alerts whenever risk increases.

Venmonitor™ Domains

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Elevating Supply Chain Cybersecurity

How a Top Global Energy Company Boosted Third-Party Screening Using Venmonitor™

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Risk Domains Monitored

Gain comprehensive knowledge across different risk domains. Each risk domain has its own criteria, metrics, and sources of data that are used to assess level of risk.


Risk Profile Data Points

Uncover valuable insights from risk intelligence gleaned by scanning millions of sources, all to support you in making informed risk-based decisions.


Success Stories

Countless organizations are experiencing the rewards of using our cutting-edge solutions for managing and reducing risk associated with outsourcing.

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Venmonitor™ can help you with the decision-making process for new and existing suppliers

Guided by the mission to simplify and elevate risk management, Venmonitor™ distills vast amounts of data into actionable insights. Instead of juggling multiple contracts and deciphering disconnected data streams, you’re presented with everything in a single pane of glass. 

  • Single contract - no other subscriptions required to get started
  • Affordable  screening
  • At-a-glance views 
  • Consolidated risk ratings across multiple domains

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