Quickly assess the risk profile of any potential or existing supplier, on-demand, across six domains. Venmonitor leverages risk intelligence across disciplines so you can avoid engaging with suppliers showing questionable ratings or take steps to remediate issues with vendors with whom you're already contracted. 

Reduce the time and cost of screening with on-demand risk profiles.

By enriching your screening of potential suppliers before signing a contract, your organization can identify early warning signals across key risk domains, including security, privacy, ESG, and more, during the selection process. You can then make better data-driven decisions and improve negotiations during contracts.

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Use as a directional guide for due diligence activities.

Prioritize risk domains to perform additional due diligence or ongoing monitoring. Venmonitor™ can help you to quickly identify which risk domains are most critical or may require more attention for your suppliers. You can use the signals from the risk ratings and data collected, as well as normalized ratings from the risk intelligence providers, to guide your decision-making and actions.

Create a screening framework and approach that is consistent.

The initial screening of third parties is considered just as important as strong contractual obligations. You can leverage Venmonitor™ to combine your inside risk assessment with an outside view that Venmonitor™ provides. 

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Risk Intelligence Domains

Gain comprehensive knowledge across different risk domains. Each risk domain has its own criteria, metrics, and sources of data that are used to assess level of risk.


Risk Profile Data Points

Uncover valuable insights from risk intelligence gleaned by scanning millions of sources, all to support you in making informed risk-based decisions.


Success Stories

Countless organizations are reaping the benefits of leveraging Venminder's third-party risk management solutions to proactively manage and mitigate risk.

Venmonitor™ Point-in-Time Features

Cross-Domain Risk Intelligence

Target the key domains that can support you in screening a supplier's external posture including cybersecurity, privacy, Know Your Vendor, adverse media, business health and credit risk, and ESG.

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The data from each partner widget will be analyzed by Venmonitor™ to generate a risk rating for each subscribed partner, ranging from Low to Severe. The provider summary offers a visual representation of the risk health for each partner, giving a quick and clear understanding.

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Venminder has created a method of deriving an overall risk rating on a vendor/supplier based on the risk scores from the specific datapoints found within the Venmonitor™ widgets. Given each data provider has different datapoints and individual risk scoring methodologies, Venminder has crafted a normalized risk rating on each data provider that rolls up into Venminder’s Overall Risk Rating.

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Venmonitor™ analyzes and standardizes the data, presenting a comprehensive building risk rating that can be easily accessed at the top of the report and prominently showcased on the Venmonitor™ Dashboard.

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Which Venmonitor™ product can help you and when?

Use Case
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Venmonitor™ Daily Refresh comptab-infoalt7-icon
One-time screening of a potential supplier before contract
One-time screening of existing suppliers
On-demand screening as needed to support due diligence
Continuous ongoing monitoring of suppliers
Continuous monitoring of an existing supplier that is unresponsive to questionnaires or due diligence requests
Email alerts when overall supplier risk rating increases
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Venmonitor™ Daily Refresh
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