Assessing the external cybersecurity posture of a supplier can help you to identify signals that they are putting your organization's data at risk. With Venmonitor™, you have the ability to choose from multiple risk intelligence datasets that combines key risk intelligence and ratings into a risk profile for you to make informed decisions. 

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Avoid contracting with suppliers that have weak security postures.

Venmonitor™ can elevate your cybersecurity screening processes by allowing you to swiftly evaluate potential new suppliers, minimizing the need for manual tasks and eliminating the need for supplier involvement. This outside-view screening method empowers you to identify security risks during the selection process, enabling informed decision-making, enhancing contract negotiations, and providing a heightened level of transparency regarding supplier security measures.

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Identify suppliers with signs of cybersecurity vulnerabilities for proactive action.

Harness the power of external cybersecurity risk intelligence alongside Venmonitor™ Risk Ratings to swiftly pinpoint and prioritize suppliers that demand your immediate attention. Utilize this valuable information to ascertain whether taking action to contact the supplier is necessary, enabling you to delve deeper into their cybersecurity measures through thorough due diligence investigations.

Continuously monitor your supplier's cybersecurity risk profile for changes.

With the continued prevalence of breaches and cyberattacks, managing supply chain risks today requires adopting multi-faceted approaches to ensuring data is being adequately secured. This means you need to proactively conduct due diligence beyond the initial vetting of the supplier. By combining the outside-view of continuous monitoring with inside risk assessments of your supplier's cybersecurity readiness, you can ensure you are taking proactive measures to protect your organization, as well as, demonstrate to auditors or regulators a complete comprehensive approach.  

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Venmonitor™ brings cybersecurity risk intelligence alongside other important domains

Venmonitor™ harnesses the industry's best risk intelligence data across more than six different domains so you're able to leverage risk profiles to quickly screen your suppliers. 

  • Data is sourced from the industry's most reputable cybersecurity rating providers
  • The most important key data points across many domains are in one single view 
  • Access intelligence that typically requires individual licensing subscriptions
  • Have the ability to purchase full subscriptions to other providers directly through Venminder when deeper dives are warranted

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