Why Venmonitor™

Leaders in Driving Productivity and Efficiency

In today's fast-paced business world, supplier risk management is crucial for achieving operational success. Effectively managing supply chain risk requires embracing innovative and diverse approaches. With Venmonitor™, we brought a seamless and efficient solution to the market in order to strengthen supplier screening frameworks.

Comprehensive risk insights spanning many domains, all in one place

Venmonitor™ gathers crucial data and supplier risk intelligence from the best and most reputable sources. Our system simplifies the complexity of managing multiple contracts and disjointed data streams by condensing vast quantities of information into practical insights, assigning risk ratings, and presenting everything in a user-friendly interface. This simplified centralization can elevate your screening of new or existing suppliers. 

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Unique built-in risk rating framework for assessing across domains

Venmonitor™ normalizes data outputs across risk intelligence providers and uses built-in weighting to provide overall and individual risk ratings for each third party. These ratings, are easy to understand and help you make informed decisions about risk management. They serve as your roadmap to informed and effective risk management. 

One contract, endless possibilities

Venmonitor™ is not just software; it's a comprehensive solution encapsulated in a single contract. This cost-effective option offers you consolidated risk ratings and at-a-glance views, making it an economical choice for a robust third-party risk management (TPRM) platform. If you need deeper insights into a particular domain, Venminder has partnered with and is an official reseller of the industry's leading risk intelligence providers. Adding additional risk intelligence providers is easy, and can be done directly through your Venminder contract. 

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Innovation by the pioneers of third-party risk solutions

Venmonitor™ was developed by third-party risk experts at solution leader, Venminder. The company has a history of solving challenges through innovative products developed using deep human expertise and cutting-edge technology. Venminder subject matter experts have meticulously designed the Venmonitor™ risk ratings and scoring system to provide unparalleled insights. Venmonitor™ operates as a standalone solution but can also pair with Venminder's other robust third-party risk management solutions. Engaging with the team at Venminder means empowering your organization to manage supplier risks adeptly and stride toward operational excellence.

See how Venmonitor™ can help you screen suppliers driving productivity and efficiency.