Business Health and Credit Risk 

Screening the external business health and credit posture of a supplier can help you to identify early warning signals that their business could be at risk. With Venmonitor™, you gain access to indicators on their overall business health and payment history. 

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Screen supplier's business health and credit before you sign the contract.

A supplier with poor financial health or credit can pose a risk of going out of business before the contract term ends. That's why it's crucial, before signing a contract, to be aware of any elevated risk levels from a supplier displaying signs of financial stress or bad credit. With Venmonitor™ Point-in-Time, you can easily access on-demand insights to enhance your screening process by comparing potential suppliers or avoiding engagement with those that demonstrate low business health during tendering.

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Leverage supplier business health risk ratings to prioritize your due diligence process.

If the supplier’s risk rating is higher than your organization's acceptable level (risk appetite and tolerance), you may need to undertake off-cycle due diligence or establish more controls to mitigate the risk. With the Venmonitor™ Dashboard, you'll have access to visual heatmap views that display your suppliers' business health ratings, as well as other important domain ratings. This will enable you to make well-informed decisions based on risk and guide you on your next steps. This may involve conducting additional off-cycle due diligence, such as requesting updated financials, balance sheets, and operating expenses from your supplier.

Continuously monitor your supplier's business health and credit for signals of increasing risk.

Continuous monitoring can help to identify signals in declining business health that may impact your supplier's overall operations which can lead to downstream issues in other areas of their business. With knowledge of declining health during off-cycle due diligence activities, your organization can take steps to proactively contact the supplier for further information. By combining the outside-view of VenmonitorDaily Refresh continuous monitoring with inside risk assessments of your supplier's financial health, you can ensure you are taking proactive measures to protect your organization as well as demonstrate to auditors or regulators a complete comprehensive approach. 

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Venmonitor™ brings business health and credit risk intelligence alongside other important domains

Venmonitor™ harnesses the industry's best risk intelligence data across more than six different domains so you're able to leverage risk profiles to quickly screen your suppliers. 

  • Data is sourced from the industry's most reputable business health and credit risk intelligence providers
  • The most important key data points across many domains are in one single view 
  • Access intelligence that typically requires individual licensing subscriptions
  • Have the ability to purchase full subscriptions to other providers directly through Venminder when deeper dives are warranted

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