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Our continuous monitoring solution provides you with an automated process to obtain the latest critical risk intelligence data on your suppliers every day. This ensures real-time access to current risk information on your suppliers. 

Monitor the performance of suppliers to proactively identify risks.

Stay on top of any changes or issues that may affect your suppliers’ risk profile and performance. You can receive alerts and notifications when there are significant changes in the risk ratings. Be able to identify imminent threats and justify off-cycle or ad hoc due diligence and monitoring activities. 

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Know when risk ratings increase signaling possible threats.

  • React swiftly to potential risks with email alerts.
  • Save time and resources with continuous, automated monitoring.
  • Make preemptive moves, protecting your organization's reputation and assets.

Demonstrate proactive risk monitoring to auditors or regulators.

Comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards for ongoing monitoring of third parties. You can demonstrate to auditors and regulators that you have a robust and proactive risk management program that leverages the best-in-class risk intelligence data providers.

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Risk Intelligence Domains

Gain comprehensive knowledge across different risk domains. Each risk domain has its own criteria, metrics, and sources of data that are used to assess the risk level of a third party.


Risk Profile Data Points

Uncover valuable insights from risk intelligence gleaned by scanning millions of sources, all to support you in making informed risk-based decisions.


Success Stories

Countless organizations are reaping the benefits of leveraging Venminder's third-party risk management solutions to proactively manage and mitigate risk.


daily refresh

Daily Data Refresh

Never miss out on critical updates. Get daily refreshed data on every supplier.

Email Alerts

Get notified when overall risk ratings increase, ensuring you can know when a supplier may require action.

Cross-Domain Risk Intelligence

Select the domains important to you, whether cybersecurity, privacy, business health, adverse media, ESG, or Know Your Vendor.

Simple and intuitive
risk ratings


Harness the power of the Venmonitor™ Dashboard to gain a comprehensive view of all your constantly monitored suppliers in one centralized hub, complete with dynamic heatmaps to pinpoint those in need of your immediate attention.

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Venminder has created a method of deriving an overall risk rating on a supplier based on the risk scores from the specific datapoints found within the Venmonitor™ widgets. Given each data provider has different datapoints and individual risk scoring methodologies, our experts developed normalized risk ratings on each data provider that rolls up into a supplier's Venmonitor™ Overall Risk Rating.

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Venmonitor™ analyzes and standardizes the data, presenting a comprehensive risk rating that can be easily accessed at the top of the report and prominently showcased on the Venmonitor™ Dashboard.

venmonitor risk ratings


Which Venmonitor™ product can help you and when?

Use Case
Venmonitor™ Point-in-Time comptab-infoalt7-icon
Venmonitor™ Daily Refresh comptab-infoalt7-icon
One-time screening of a potential supplier before contract
One-time screening of existing suppliers
On-demand screening as needed to support due diligence
Continuous ongoing monitoring of suppliers
Continuous monitoring of an existing supplier that is unresponsive to questionnaires or due diligence requests
Email alerts when overall supplier risk rating increases
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Venmonitor™ Point in Time
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daily refresh
Venmonitor™ Daily Refresh
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Venmonitor™ Dashboard
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Discover the power of  centralized risk intelligence data across domains and unlock the ability to to make quick informed risk-based decisions when it comes to selecting your suppliers.
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