Adverse Media

Monitoring the external online presence of a supplier allows you to proactively review for any adverse media, negative news, or information about a supplier that may affect their reputation, performance, or compliance. By leveraging Venmonitor™, you gain access to the ability to view online risk theme trends and top stories in which the supplier is appearing.

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Enhance screening of potential suppliers by scanning for adverse media.

With Venmonitor™ Point-in-Time, you can elevate your supplier screening framework by effortlessly scanning potential new suppliers on demand, eliminating the need for time-consuming tasks like manual Google searches. Our automated screening method provides an external perspective, empowering you to determine if a supplier has any adverse media online before committing to a contract. This valuable insight allows you to protect your own reputation and brand image by avoiding association with suppliers that engage in unethical or illegal practices or face negative public scrutiny.

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Prioritize supplier due diligence based on adverse media trends.

As your organization grows, the number of suppliers you manage often increases. It's crucial to gather the information you need quickly to assess and prioritize which suppliers require immediate attention. With Venmonitor™, you have access to a user-friendly risk heatmap dashboard. It allows you to easily view your supplier's adverse media risk ratings, helping you identify who needs your attention promptly. By utilizing these insights, you can effectively follow up with your supplier to request more information, and take necessary steps to mitigate any risks.

Continuously monitor suppliers for adverse media trends over time.

Millions of pieces of information are published daily in official and unofficial news sources, so it can take just a single one to cause financial or reputational damage (for example, a cyber breach, fraud, regulatory violations, or other reputational concerns). If one of your suppliers, especially a critical supplier, is appearing online in adverse media news, you want to be informed. By monitoring your existing supplier portfolio with Venmonitor™ Daily Refresh, you can ensure you're taking proactive measures to monitor their adverse media trends. 

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Venmonitor™ brings adverse media insights alongside other important domains

Venmonitor™ harnesses the industry's best risk intelligence data across more than six different domains so you're able to leverage risk profiles to quickly screen your suppliers. 

  • Data is sourced from the industry's most reputable cybersecurity rating providers
  • The most important key data points across many domains are in one single view 
  • Access intelligence that typically requires individual licensing subscriptions
  • Have the ability to purchase full subscriptions to other providers directly through Venminder when deeper dives are warranted

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